15 of the Coolest Skiing Tricks Ever

15 of the Coolest Skiing Tricks Ever

So, you have managed to successfully pass the beginner stage of skiing. Does skiing straight down hills not excite you anymore or are the repeated turns becoming outright boring? If you are up for those cool skiing tricks you see others perform and are sure that you can carry them off well, here’s how you can begin taking your skiing skills to the next level:

1. Spread Eagle – One of the simplest skiing tricks, it’s all about forming an ‘X’ in the air. Yes, you got it! Spread your arms and legs on the sides as an eagle would spread its wings and bring back your legs in before landing. The catch here is to keep your body stiff in the air, lest you want onlookers to believe that you lost balance!

2. Iron Cross – This one is about crossing your skis in an ‘X’ shape. Again, bringing your legs back in time is the key; else they’d be skiing in different directions post landing.

3. Daffy – Simply put, this is a front lift in the air. One leg goes in front and the other behind. You can even stretch your arms likewise for balance and touch. You should have enough height to bring your back leg in before the tip of your ski lodges in the snow.

4. 180 Twist – Now, this is a big one. Not as big to get you into the Olympics, but you get the gist, right? You land backwards by rotating your head and hips in one direction.

5. Tail Grab – Enough air and good speed are the prerequisites. You jump and take both your legs back and grab the skis with your hand, and return to position in time before your face gets planted in the snow.

6. Zudnick – This is the pike position for gymnasts and a bit difficult for beginners. You stretch your legs and arms in front with skis close together. Failing in this one might mean sliding down the rest of the hill on your bottom.

7. 360 – A complete turn in the air, that’s how simple or difficult it is.

8. 360 Tail Grab – Combine 360 and tail grab and you get to do this. Concentration and awareness are required unless you want to spin and go face down in the snow.

9. 540 Tail Grab – Take off, hold the tail of the ski and spin it along and watch your landing. The harder you spin the more chances of getting it right.

10. Mute Grab – A twist to the Tail Grab, grab the opposite ski as you take your legs back.

11. Half Cab Mute Grab – You need to ski backwards before taking off and then spin as soon as you hit the lip.

12. Under Flip – Turn 90º towards the slope, roll upside down after throwing down your uphill shoulder and turn 270º before landing. Tread heavily lest people think you just tripped.

13. Back Flip – In simple words, a somersault backwards.

14. Flatspin – Jump sideways and backward as you take off and take a flip with your horizontal body in the air. Mind your landing, as this can get pretty nasty.

15. Lincoln Loop – On reaching the lip of the jump, wind your arms to the side and drop your shoulders, flipping sideways.

Before trying any of these, wear proper gear and helmet to be safe.

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