8 Of The Most Insane Sports In The World Where Remaining Injury-Free Is An Achievement

When you picture tennis players hitting the ball back and forward on a hot summer’s day nothing could seem more relaxing. If you wanted to turn the heat up a bit you could go with basketball. It’s a non-contact sport, but you still have huge guys trying to chase you down and get in your face. These don’t come close to certain sports that people partake in. Crazy people that risk their life every time they walk out the house. Here are 8 of the craziest sports ever.

Street Luging

The aim of the game is to simply make your way down to the bottom of the hill. It sounds easy enough until you realize that you’re speeding down the hill with no brakes and one wrong move could see you crash into something at break-neck speeds. The worst thing is you are lying completely on your back on what is nothing more than an oversized skateboard.


Some parts of a mountain are so inaccessible they are impossible to reach without a helicopter. Instead of realizing they should stay away they decided it would be a great idea to drop people out of helicopters with their skis attached to their feet. Sometimes people don’t even make it out of the helicopter because it crashes before it reaches the drop-off zone.

Big Wave Surfing

If you have any fear of the water you can turn into a shaking mess just watching someone surf a big wave on video. I wonder what these guys actually feel like knowing the most powerful force in the world is right behind them. One slip and there is no escape from death. Surfing is cool, but taking on 50ft waves is a completely different kettle of fish.


When you go to a ball game I bet you don’t expect the extreme stuff to be on the side of the pitch. Cheerleading is the sport with the leading cause of injuries for women with up to 20,000 injuries per year. Some of these include seriously nasty stuff like broken bones and spinal injuries. It’s a bit like extreme gymnastics without serious gymnastic training. What could possibly go wrong?

Bull Riding

Can you think of any possible reason why you would ever ride a bull? If you ever have the pleasure of seeing one close up you know how powerful and dangerous they look. Jumping on their back as they’re going crazy sounds a bit insane. But still, it you don’t mind being flung 10ft in the air and smashing into the ground or being trampled by a 1800 pound beast, go ahead.

Motorcycle Racing

Motorcycling is the daddy of dangerous sports. Mostly because you are racing around at hundreds of miles per hour and one slip will cause sudden death. Even the Isle of Man TT race, which has being going strong for over a hundred years, has had 220 deaths in its history. It takes a lot of guts to step onto a two-wheeled machine when there is nothing to protect you.

BASE jumping

There is a reason why this used to be thought of as attempted suicide. Not happy with jumping out of airplanes people decided to crank it up until the dial couldn’t go any higher. They now jump off buildings and mountains with mere seconds to open their chute before they splat into the ground at a hundred miles per hour. There are still around 15 people killed each year.

Cave Diving

Scuba diving is a pretty dangerous sport. Anything that involves diving underwater and relying on equipment to provide you with oxygen would be. But now you have to explore uncharted waters which are freezing cold. Sometimes the visibility is so low you can’t even see in front of you. They now call a successful cave dive one in which you reach the surface at the end.

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