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Enduro – Man against Machine

Enduro is the rally equivalent of motocross, as the name suggests this is a real test of endurance for both man and machine. Off road motorcycles are raced at high speeds over long courses often for hours on end.

The course will consist of a long section or sections of off road track. There will be obstacles to get through or round as well as sections of flat open land and sometimes even tarmac between off road sections. Some courses will also take advantage of a motocross track which will make up a section or part of a section and is great for spectators.

There are several formats the race can take; the most common is a time card event where riders race against the clock to complete several stages with strict time constraints. A rally is a race where riders have to simply complete a section in the fastest time. Sometimes in a rally the same sections are repeated to make up a long lap. Clubs have also come up with a mixture of the two and it’s common to see a really long lap where riders have a certain amount of time (usually 4 or more hours) to complete as many laps as possible. This type of racing is a huge challenge as speed needs to be balanced with endurance and makes for some very competitive racing.

The bike specification depends on the event and stipulations of the club or organisation running it. Some clubs only allow the use of bikes built for enduro rather than motocross, these are bikes with lights fitted and have everything required to be registered for the road. There is a large choice of machines available today from a range of different manufacturers. The main choice for riders is what engine type and capacity to go for. Four stroke engines have a wide power range and two strokes deliver the power with more of a punch at higher revs. Two strokes are light and powerful for a small engine size but the way the power is delivered makes them need to be worked hard which can become tiring. Four stroke engines deliver power across a wide rev range but are heavier and smaller engines can feel underpowered.

Enduro is a really exiting sport to watch and easy to get involved in, there are many clubs all over the world to join and there is sure to be one running events near you. The bikes are available for any budget and even if you don’t have a huge amount of money you can buy to your budget and put yourself to the test. There are usually several classes in each event separating machine types and rider ages. With dedication and determination winning enduro sports trophies is absolutely achievable.


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Jess Collins got her first taste of extreme sports jumping from a bridge in New Zealand. After the third bungee of the day Jess realised that she was an adrenaline junkie and since then has looked for every opportunity to get her heart racing. Jess blogs on a variety of topics for sports trophy website Awards Online.