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GoPro Releases The New Hero 3 Camera

Hero 3We don’t talk about equipment a lot on this blog, but the new GoPro Hero 3 camera is really quite exciting.

It’s such a huge upgrade from the Hero 2 cameras, basically being much smaller, way more powerful, and includes Wi-Fi as standard. This is a big improvement and has set the extreme sports world talking!

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Is A Hybrid Bike The Best Choice For You? What Makes Them So Versatile?

What is it that makes hybrid bikes so popular? Essentially a hybrid combines those features of mountain and road bikes that most appeal to the leisure cyclist. For many, the weight and wide tyres of a full mountain bike make cycling on the road difficult. On the other hand, those who want to explore off-road a bit more find that the narrow tyres and riding position of a road bike just won’t work.

So how does this compromise work?

  • All have flat handlebars. Far better for the leisure cyclist than the drop bars fitted to road bikes. Vibration is absorbed by the padded grips and you can alter your hand position regularly to avoid strain.
  • Semi-slick tyres, with a thickness somewhere between road and mountain bike tyres. These result in low rolling resistance for speed on the road, but have enough tread on the side for exploring the grass and gravel. The wheels are customarily road size, 700mm, instead of the 26″ rims fitted to mountain bikes.
  • A stretched MTB-style frame, or toughened road frame. The choice of style will depend on the market the manufacturer wants to target. Frames are usually aluminium, but you can go to carbon if you have the resources. Some may be equipped with suspension forks as well. Many models come in either mens or womens versions.
  • The gears are designed with low ratios for hillclimbing together with high ratios for covering the miles on the road.

But, there is a problem because no compromise can ever be perfect. So you have to decide on what type of hybrid to go for, depending on where you will be doing most of your riding.

For people who will be off-road a lot and like a more MTB style, the Cannondale Bad Boy range could well appeal. With MTB-style frames they will love being away from the beaten track. There are disc brakes on all the 2012 models as well.

If the commute to work, combined with weekends out in the lanes is more to you taste, the Specialized Sirrus range could suit you better. These have 700mm road wheels, narrower tyres and road components. These are ideal if you want to cover serious distance on the open road.

So whatever you see yourself doing, the ideal option is probably out there. There’s little doubt that a hybrid bike is the best option for those who just want to get out cycling.


As extreme sports enthusiasts, we try and test various products from time to time.  We’ve listed below some of the better ones we’ve tried, and they are definitely worth checking out.

Contact us if you need any more information about any of the products listed here.

Contour+ Contour+
A very popular camera for recording extreme sports, with the largest lens of any PoV camera. The Contour+ captures beautiful 1080p video, and the 2.8″ aperture, 170 degree wide-angle rotating lens delivers the truest, high quality image with minimal distortion and fish-eye.It records and streams Full HD in all its glory – all from Contour’s unique, award-winning form-factor.

Liberty 8 ft Quarter Pipe Liberty 8 ft Quarter Pipe
Dimensions: 6′ x 8′ x 3′ 6″
Weight: Approx. 280lbs

  • Kits are complete with everything you need to assemble a professional quality wooden skate ramp
  • One piece sides add strength and speed up assembly
  • All pieces cut on computer controlled equipment for precise, exact ramp slope
  • Pre-Drilled boards make for easy assembly
  • High-Grade exterior lumber stands up to the elements
  • All hardware has a rust-proof Zinc coating, is counted and bagged to aid in assembly
  • Galvanized metal “street strip” won’t rust
  • Aluminum Diamond Plate corner protectors to keep corners from being damaged when setting up or moving your ramp
  • Branded logo on sides looks way cool and lets everyone know you have the best ramp around
  • Wheels provide easy moving of the ramp to the driveway, street or garage
  • Storage hooks included, when installed provide handy place for storing helmet, pads and boards
  • Only need a power drill and wrench to assemble
  • Skating surface composed of a smooth high grade plywood
  • Side handle cut-outs for lifting and lowering ramp
  • Solid construction stands up to the most extreme skating.

ProTec Fullcut Black Classic Helmet S ProTec Fullcut Black Classic Helmet S

The Protec Classic Full Cut helmet is certified to the CE EN 1385 Water Sport Safety Standard, but has proven useful across many applications, including sky diving, rescue, kiting, and other activities requiring full coverage head protection. This is the original 1970s skate helmet that became the most recognizable helmet of all time. Featuring classic ear protection styling, a soft two stage foam liner, stainless steel hardware and soft tubular webbing. Bring back the good vibes of the ’70s by rockin’ the full cut.

The Best Cameras For Extreme Sports

Without any doubt, the GoPro camera is the world’s most popular HD camera for recording extreme sports. GoPro is a photographic camera corporation that apparently desires you to “be a hero”. What GoPro is really seeking to say is always to get photography to new heights. Obtaining a high-end electronic photographic camera can certainly increase the chances of taking pictures however , you are only minimal to taking pictures on foot. You will want exclusive components in order for you to get pictures though currently being energetic in some thing like surfing or riding a motorbike. It’s doable that these components are not appropriate along with the electronic photographic camera that you just personal. GoPro delivers the High definition HERO and High definition HERO2 collection of cameras for energetic athletics fans that want the mandatory components and superior photography characteristics inside a solitary bundle.

High definition HERO Unit

The Hi-def Hero is definitely the entry-level lineup of GoPro cameras and all packages consist of the exact same 5-megapixel Hi-def HERO photographic camera. Even though this could appear to be a very low specification in comparison to modern day point-and-shoot cameras as well as smartphones, the Hi-def HERO has the distinctive attribute of making it possible for men and women to consider shots hands-free. You are able to set the photographic camera to consider images instantly at specific intervals like each moment or as fast as each 2 seconds. The photographic camera can continuously consider these shots till the photographic camera runs away from battery or till the SD card fills up.

The battery lasts around three hours so it really is good for the lengthy session. Contrary to its predecessors, you may recharge the lithium-ion battery. The digicam can be outfitted using a particular inner heating system so the battery stays warm which certainly aids all through colder weather conditions durations. For additional safety, the Hi-def HERO is water resistant up to 60m and it really is shockproof and remarkably bombproof.

One of many other solid factors will be the High definition HERO’s recording solutions. It’s in a position to document thirty frames for each second of footage at 1080p or 960p resolutions. That body fee might be doubled to sixty frames for each second should you make use of the 720p possibility that’s even now thought of high-definition. Even at 720p, the video top quality is stellar and also the 170-degree broad angle lens captures plenty of the motion.

Hi-def HERO2 Unit

The High definition HERO2 unit is suggested if picture good quality is extremely critical. The 11-megapixel sensor signifies that any photographs taken from the High definition HERO2 should look much better when printed on greater media. The picture processor performs 2 times as rapidly along with the glass lens certainly are a good deal sharper. As well as, the High definition HERO2 excels in reduced mild overall performance. A burst characteristic also can be used to just take as much as 10 11-megapixel photographs per 2nd. You can see the new range of GoPro Hero 2 cameras at

If you’re on a tight spending budget, you’ll be able to always obtain the Hd HERO Naked which includes the minimum amount of accessories and charges about $200. Other deals such as the Hd Motorsports or Hd Helmet HERO deals occur with helmet straps or suction cup mounts. GoPro delivers a rather substantial lineup of such digital camera deals for various different types of folks. As an illustration, surfers really should take into account getting the Hd Surf HERO package deal simply because it includes a leash and surf mounts. you’ll be able to always buy other accessories later on on and they really should operate great with the Hd HERO or Hd HERO2 unit.

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Wearing Sports Sunglasses For Safety

Do you appreciate enjoying out of doors sports? No matter which a single you perform, sporting a pair of sunglasses can offer numerous rewards. Right here are some of the most considerable kinds:

one. Self-confidence – When playing an outdoor activity (or some other activity, for that make a difference), possessing Self-confidence can help to enhance your performance considerably. That’s why it really is vital to select a pair which will efficiently keep you as comfy and protected as you can, although playing your outdoor activity on sunny days. Placing on sports activities sunglasses could assist in moving into the zone.

two. Durability – Although it goes with no saying, it is even now really worth noting that sports sunglasses are built-to-last. For example, their frames are constructed from sturdy materials these kinds of as titanium. This aids to ensure which the sunglasses might help to resist the rigors of outside sports. it is crucial which the lenses also be long lasting, so they are also typically constructed of sturdy materials these kinds of as polycarbonate. Although these functions would not ensure that your sports sunglasses would not break, they’ll assist to cut back the likelihood of that happening. So sports sunglasses can profit you not just like a sportsman, but additionally like a buyer.

three. Light-weight – This can be undoubtedly one of many essential benefits of sports activities sunglasses. When taking part in out of doors sports activities, it is vital that you simply be be as cell and agile as is possible. That is correct regardless of whether you might be making the most of traditional out of doors sports activities, or “extreme sports activities.” traditional sunglasses are as well large, which tends to make them uncomfortable and impractical for taking part in any out of doors sports activities. Essentially they not merely impact how you feel, but also how you play.

4. Protection – Sports sunglasses are designed to shield your eyes from damage. That is on numerous amounts. As an example, the sturdiness of the lens will help to make certain which the wearer’s eyes will not be destroyed by make contact with that happens in the course of the enjoying. That’s due to contact with other players of the outside sport, or gear necessary to the sport. Just as importantly, Sports sunglasses can also help to shield one’s eyes from ultraviolet (UV) rays. The best lenses are those that shield eyes from UVA, UVB, and UVC rays. These rays have distinct wavelengths, so it is vital that sportsmen decide on sunglasses that provide Protection for both types of daylight. Actually, it is the UV rays that sportsmen should be worried about, relatively than the daylight for each se. Lastly, polarized lenses are helpful for lowering the amount of glare that reaches your eyes. That is especially helpful for Sports these as skiing and snowboarding, when glare from snow might have a unfavorable effect on a sportsman’s efficiency.

You can buy sports sunglasses online at

Drift Innovation Review

Capturing video in initial individual is an excellent approach to get viewers to encounter exactly what you’ve got been by way of. This really is simple to do if you’re just walking or jogging but if you will need to engage in sporty pursuits like biking, employing a regular digital camcorder isn’t really truly an excellent concept because they will not be produced for mounting. you will need to make use of special point of view cameras that are particularly produced for bikes, helmets, as well as other gear utilised for excessive sports activities. Drift innovation provides many items that cater to those enthusiasts and they goal various price factors too.

Drift X170 Motion Camera – This can be Drift’s spending budget solution and it’s a tiny compact and rugged layout that has a 1.5-inch colour LCD show. The Drift X170 comes with numerous mounts which means you can utilize it as being a helmet or goggles cam otherwise you can attach it for the handlebars of a bike. The 5-megapixel lens can rotate 300 degrees to make sure the best angle is captured and it captures the footage in broad angle DVD good quality therefore the general video clip good quality isn’t really so inferior compared to Hi-def. Furthermore, it features a built-in microphone and speaker for capturing audio as well as wireless remote so videos can be recorded or photos can be taken very easily.

Drift HD170 Substantial Definition Motion Digital camera – The Drift HD170 is subsequent in line and it is the most affordable Drift Digital camera with Substantial definition 1080p support. This Motion Digital camera is extremely recommended for recording severe moments due to the fact Hd high quality can seize plenty of the finer particulars. It features the identical rugged and drinking water resistant design since the X170. There’s also a particular night time mode feature just in case some recording needs to be carried out through the night time time. There’s a variation to the HD170 known as the HD170 Stealth Digital camera which charges a bit much more but includes a total black design for that stealthy search. It ought to far better match the tools it’s mounted for and tends to make it significantly less apparent that recording sessions are going on.

And now of course the new Drift HD camera is now available, which is even more advanced.