Interbike Gets Right with BMX for Olympics

The Olympics is taking its second jump with BMX in London this year and the sport’s bigger international profile has given the tradeshow organizers of Interbike something to grind their gears on.

This year’s annual gathering of bicycle enthusiasts, manufacturers and peddlers (to abuse a homonym) in Las Vegas will be giving BMX a larger stage presence, in no small part thanks to an obvious nod from the International Olympic Committee by bringing the sport back to the Summer Games for a second year.

The Interbike International Biking Expo is celebrating its 30-year anniversary in 2012 and would do well to use the celebration as an opportunity to more fully welcome a sport that supports some of the tradeshow’s biggest participants. Interbike has long made room for the “BMX Zone,” part of the tradeshow presentation area dedicated to those in the industry niche, but this year they’ve taken it up a few pegs and have even formed a BMX advisory panel.

BMX got its start in Southern California back in 1970s when kids decided riding their bikes on the pavement wasn’t as fun as grinding them through the dirt. A little quick math and it becomes apparent that BMX was maturing as a sport while Interbike was still in short pants, which means those early dirt-track riders likely had significant tradeshow influence right from the start.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt the BMX community or Interbike that the BMX Olympic competition will take place in August and serve as the perfect prelude to the opening events at Interbike just a little over one month later. Although nothing has been set in stone and it’s clearly too early to forecast victory, it wouldn’t be surprising to see a few medal winners drop in at the expo – if organizers ask nicely.

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James Madeiros writes for Vein BMX, which offers a large selection of bike related products in their BMX store.

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