Is Skydiving Dangerous?

Skydiving is a very popular sport that draws hordes of enthusiastic participants from across the globe. The principle behind skydiving is simple: the participants simply have to jump out of plane at about 14,000 feet above sea level. The diver is expected to open a parachute to stop the free fall at about 4,000 feet above the ground. In the United States, skydiving is regulated by the United States Parachute Association, which is a self-regulating organization dedicated to the sport. However, given the height at which the skydivers are expected to jump at, the sport poses real danger to the participants.

Understanding the Reality

In order to understand whether the sport is really dangerous or not, making a comparison with other sports or activities helps. People who are not skydivers only look at the fatal outcomes when mistakes occurs. Of course, a mistake in skydiving almost always leads to death. However, fatalities from skydiving are not common. Statistics indicate that only one skydiver out of a total of 80,000 die from skydiving-related accidents. Whenever a skydiver dies from an accident, the media always portrays the sport in a negative light. In reality, car accidents in the United States claim more lives each day.

Being Safe While Skydiving

Skydivers consider skydiving a great sport with minimal risks. They consider the safety measures taken before and after every jump adequate in protecting their lives. A well-trained skydiver rarely gets into accidents, as most fatalities in skydiving are attributable to human error. For instance, skydivers with fully functional parachutes died as a result of advanced maneuvers like swooping. Also, strong winds also contribute to fatalities in skydiving. Sometimes the skydivers get caught by the shifting winds, and they crash because of the excessive accelerations. Fortunately, good training provides skydivers the skills to overcome most of these challenges in skydiving.

Death an Option?

In general, skydiving deaths are not common. However, skydivers are driven by their adrenaline, and they crave for the adrenaline rush. This makes them more likely to do things that most people deem suicidal. This only further paints a grim picture of the sport. Because of their cravings for adrenaline rush, skydivers often do things other people would not do under most circumstances. This should not be misconstrued as a direct consequence of skydiving. Some of these dangerous acts are directly linked to the personality of the person. Despite popular beliefs, not all skydivers are adrenaline-driven. Safety is a big component of the sport.

Use an Experienced Skydiver

Although ordinary folks may consider the sport dangerous, skydiving is actually one of the safer sports in reality. The sport is less risky compared to other extreme sports such as motorcycle racing. Southern Skydivers use adequate safety measures, skydivers are well-protected from accidents. All the equipment for skydiving have to be inspected before a dive, and appropriate gear should be worn. People who don’t have a lot of experience with skydiving should be accompanied by qualified instructors at all times. Most importantly, participants should always carry on with some common sense and follow instructions.

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