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Tips on Buying Skateboard Bearings

To an average person all skateboards appear similar with the exception of their size and design. However, an experienced boarder knows that each board is unique from its style right down to the type of bearings it has. The interchangeable parts on a skateboard make the possibilities for performance modification limitless. When deciding to replace the bearings on your skateboard, there are a number of different things to keep in mind.

Bearing Types

A common type of bearing to use on a skateboard is a precision bearing. These reduce friction by using rubber to protect and shield the bearings. Many boarders feel that using rubber will reduce speed, but this is merely a myth and since the bearings are made out of nylon in many cases, the bearing strength and speed are actually increased. Precision bearings are ideal in situations where high impact occurs frequently.

Miniature ball bearings are another common type of skateboard bearing to use. These are smaller than many other types of bearings. Don’t let the small size fool you though. These bearings are not smaller because they can’t withstand impact. Their small size reduces resistance and enables the rider to achieve higher speeds than with other types of bearings. They are light and have plenty of lubrication to reduce friction. They also don’t have any rubber coverings. This makes them both efficient and fast. Miniature ball bearings maximize both handling and speed for the rider.

Size of the Bearings

The size of the bearings is just as important as the type that you’re using on your skateboard. The bearing size can either harm or help the board’s performance. You may have to experiment with different sizes to achieve the desired results from your board when selecting bearings. Size is important not only for appearance purposes, but it also determines how much weight the board can safely handle. Bearing size also impacts the aesthetic appeal of the board. While this isn’t as important as safety and importance, it does play a part in determining which bearings to select for your board.

Other Important Qualities of Ball Bearings

Size and type are not the only two things to keep in mind when selecting ball bearings for your skateboard. You’ll also want to take their lifespan into account. Some bearings are designed for heavy duty use and will last for years. Others are better for recreational skateboarding and may need to be replaced sooner than the heavy duty ones. Your bearings will last longer if you look at their recommended usage and adhere to the requirements.

Don’t be discouraged if the first sets of bearings you purchase for your skateboard do not give you the desired results. Statewide Bearings supplies a range of ball bearings from skateboards to mining machinery. Selecting bearings can be a trial-and-error experience, especially if you’re new to the activity and it is your first time selecting them.